The New Single Crazy Love story is


The first track from Keisha White’s latest offering arrived in inboxes last night, and guess what? It’s a soulful lament, but a superior example of the genre.

Opening with a weepy vocal intro amid a depth of orchestration the guilty pained emotion narrative of “Crazy Love Story” will echo and resonate with many.

The chanteuse confesses in the opening line “I’m not usually the type to cheat, but your love is so sweet” she goes on in the softest most sincere awareness “I’m usually shy, reserved never the one to creep”.

This is an expressive and passionately delivered track setting the scene for the lovers’ tryst boy makes girl weak love story, “Crazy Love Story”  is the first single from her new EP ‘Black and White: The Journey Back to Me’.

It’s not typical Pop or R’n’B song fodder, but White isn’t a typical Pop/R’n’B singer.

With lyrics written by Smoodface and Keish White is back with something special the track shows her versatility and is testimony that she’s as confident on sultry tracks as she is on power ballads or chilled reggae-infused rhythms her awesome and sophisticated vocal meandering through a George Harrison’s well-threaded production  this one will be equally at home uptown as it is downtown urban streets and suburban drives.